Book of Erotic Fantasy

Love and battle are both intimate acts, both done in heat and sweat with the sound of cries echoing in your ears, and really – who is to say which is the more dangerous? — The Paladin Valeria 

For decades in the gaming world, the subject of this product has been the source of much debate and speculation. Now you hold in your hands a 192 page, full-colour book that will finally address the issues of sex, love, seduction, marriage and pregnancy for the OGL system. 

This book contains over 20 new feats, 3 new classes and 12 new prestige classes, 6 new domains, over 75 new spells, 6 new gods, 12 new monsters, many usable as player character races, and variant rules. This material is intended to add a new dimension to your game – courtly intrigue and manipulation, marriages of power and prophesized births, dangerous seducers and sex magic. All of this and more await you inside the Book of Erotic Fantasy. 

To hear you talk we are facing an apocalypse – the world ending as we know it, the stars falling from the skies, the gods walking upon the earth and condemning us all for our transgressions. Look, I know I’m good – but darling, it’s only sex! — Cheval to Valeria after their first night 

This product is for mature audiences only. This product is compliant with the Open Gaming License and is compatible with the world’s best selling Fantasy Roleplaying Game


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